Kalavantin Durg, Panvel, Maharashtra, India

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जत्रेतील कलावंतीण दुर्ग

मला दुर्लक्षित गड किल्ले आवडतात कारण तिकडे जयांना खरे किल्ले पाहायचे असतात खर सौंरक्षण कार्यच असत तेच लोक जात.
कोणी तिथे cigarette , दारू किंवा गांजा फुकून /पिऊन आनंद लुटाया नाही जात
नाही तर पहाना काल मी गेलेल्या कलावंतीण दुर्गाच चित्र वेगळाच होत.

दुर्गाला जत्रेच स्वरुप आल होत त्यात लोक सरेआम दुर्गावर बिड्या ओढत होते दुरून गांज्याचा वास येत होतो जाता येता बाजूनं जमणाऱ्या मुला कडून दारू च वास ..
हे सगळ अनुभवल पण काही करता नाही आलं कारण काही पुरावा नाही किंवा फुकटचा वाद उडवण्याची ताकद नाही.

म्हणून मलाच त्या दुर्गाची माफी मागावी असा वाटतंय.

तुंहाला काय वाटतं यावर काय उपाय करता येईल का ?

निसर्गचा आनंद घेणारे वेगळे आणी काही गोष्टींचा विपरित आनंद घेणे हे वेगळे. फालतुगिरी करणाऱ्या फालतू लोकांना या किल्ल्यान पासून कस वेगळं ठेवता येईल याचा आपल्या विचार करायला हवा.

त्या सोबतच या दुर्गावरून आणि प्रबळ माची वरून काही सुंदर विहंगम दृष्य पण दितात त्याची ही झलक

कलावंतीण दुर्गा वरून उतरण्याचा video​

Harishchandragad Monsoon view

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“Beauty at It’s Peak” This is a View of Mighty Harishchandragad in Monsoon season from its base village for trek Pachnai, Maharashtra.

Rain even we can say continuous rain, Waterfalls, Reverse Waterfalls, shiver, Beauty of Nature, Green Life.

we can give number of phrases but we can’t express our warm and happy feeling of being in nature’s lap.

So instead of using other ways of expression I am posting Video for the same and for which you can see how beautiful is our mother earth.

yes we started and ended our trek from here to Harishchangad, Harishchandreshwar mandir, konkan kada, enjoyed a lot in many streams of water & in big small water Waterfalls.

Harishchandragad Monsoon view
harishchandgad mansoon view

You can take a look into detailed discription of Harishchandragad’s history and Geography :

Read More on Wikipedia

Last Web Page in Sycamore

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Thank you for visiting this page as I know many of you might be busy in your own work, Thanks for giving your valuable 5 minutes to me.

Date : 24th March 2017

As the title “Last Web Page in Sycamore” indicates this is my last Working day at Sycamore”

On this occasion i want to recite some memories with all of you, As I worked with most of you, Yeah I might be wrong, But I know I exchanged a smile with each one of you every other day.
I have worked with various teams & was a part of some projects. Like in localization, I made some nasty Pronunciation of Russian or French. With the Developers & testers, I did some “Dirt” Scavenging, Some Wonderful “Woman” sites and space fighting in “Ice aged” controlled mission and the list goes on.
Created some newsletters with astonishing “HEIGHTS” but with fixed width “600px”.
Last but not the least I sailed with you “Sailor’s” like “Sindabad Jahaji”.

Me @ Sycamore in CSS Format

.team #me
text-align:center; // Didn't got cornered in my team.
color:blue; // Became Sycamorian
background:white; // Got some bright light
padding: 100%; // Space to explore
margin:0 auto; // Margin between senior's and junior's
border: none; // No Border between any team
content:"Everything"; // Got Everything to Learn and Explore
transform: rotateX(360deg); // Changed my life 360 Degrees

Thanks Sycamore for changing my pixelated life to 300ppi Resolution. But now this is the time to try new colors of the multi-million color palette.

Note: Tester’s Please don’t do any regressive testing on my website as “I” am in a development phase.

So now Let’s cut the crap and we will drive into some memory lane :

Taki Boys Sanghatna
Taki Boys Sanghatna
Yes, I witnessed Holi and Diwali Both.
Party Time
I will Miss these people.
And You guy’s will Miss these.

Bye Bye & Thanks All Of You for Everything

Trek to Harihar Fort

March 17th, 2017 by

Adrenaline Rush = “Harihar Fort”

Yes, this Phrase can only define my experience of Harihar fort trek. This was my first Trek with the team TheKayakers and it was an amazing experience with the group of some known and unknown trekkers. Usually, I go with my friends only, but this time, went with the professional trekker’s group. And now I’m willing to go for more treks with this group.

Trek Date: 25th Feb 2017

Boarding Point: COEP Ground, Shivaji Nagar, Pune
We, all trekkers gathers at the boarding point at around 10 pm. There were around 30 peoples in our group, which was HUMONGOUS for me. After some registration and formalities, we started our journey towards our destination (Harihar fort’s base village). As always, I was sitting comfortably with my bunch of peoples and was very much excited for our trek.


It started at about 11 pm from COEP ground.

1st and only Stop:

Our first stop was Narayangaon around 12:30 pm. One of our friend was having her birthday on the same day, so we all celebrated her birthday in the bus. We also had Masala Dudh there, and it was delicious.


We reached our destination Nirgudpada, base village of Harihar fort early morning. We quickly got freshen up and then everybody was ready for the trek.
It is required to know each other when you are at some group exercise, so we started introducing ourselves to each other.
We got to know about the history of the fort from volunteers and got some instructions regarding trek, as it was easy but yet so difficult trek. The instructors gave us a pack of “Theplas” to eat during the trek.

At the start, we were only 8 known friends in the group, but after introduction, I got introduced to new people having similar and interesting hobbies to that of myself.
After reaching our first summit, we had bread jam and bread butter in breakfast. And that “Thepla” also.

After eating refueling our energy we did our mandatory photography session and started our further journey.
It was sunrise time and we started to ascend further summit.

Harihar Fort Trek
Harihar Fort Trek

Most of the forts owned by Shivaji Maharaj are difficult to climb and this was one them. There exists a Stairway, carved on the mountain, to climb upward. And this is the only way for descending as well. It was the difficult part of the trek.

When I reached there at top of the stairway, I found this wasn’t the end of our trek, we are still at halfway to the main point. There I saw one of my fellow friend Yashwant, who is scared of heights, was on the verge of giving up. It was his second time for this fort, he had already given up from the midway, and had gone back because of his Acrophobia problem. With all my efforts I tried to convince him and with the help of volunteers, he started his trek with energy, and positivity in mind to complete the trek this time. I gathered all his belongings and carried them with me so that he could go further with ease.

Harihar Fort Trek

After reaching our second summit, I found there exists a small patch with a big orange flag having Shivaji Maharaj’s picture printed on it. It was a victory symbol, showing that this fort is owned by and belongs to Shivaji Maharaj. It was a second difficult part of the overall trek, where only a few of us was able to climb. I also climbed this patch and was feeling so amazing to complete it to the topmost point of Harihar Fort. The view from the top is really awesome.

Yes, now we were at the top of Harihar Fort. And it was mandatory to have photography session as always. I captured some beautiful views in my camera, and have tried some different photographic techniques to upgrade my passion about it. Yes, it’s my hobby, and I am really passionate about the same.

Harihar Fort Trek
Harihar Fort Trek
Harihar Fort Trek
Harihar Fort Trek

Descend :

After all our photography, some rest and refreshment session, we started our journey back to the base village via that same Staircase. We took a single stop while returning back, had some refreshment and completed the trek by 11 am, We had lunch in the village itself. Then we started our journey back to Pune, reached Pune by 9:30 pm.