Last Web Page in Sycamore

Thank you for visiting this page as I know many of you might be busy in your own work, Thanks for giving your valuable 5 minutes to me.

Date : 24th March 2017

As the title “Last Web Page in Sycamore” indicates this is my last Working day at Sycamore”

On this occasion i want to recite some memories with all of you, As I worked with most of you, Yeah I might be wrong, But I know I exchanged a smile with each one of you every other day.
I have worked with various teams & was a part of some projects. Like in localization, I made some nasty Pronunciation of Russian or French. With the Developers & testers, I did some “Dirt” Scavenging, Some Wonderful “Woman” sites and space fighting in “Ice aged” controlled mission and the list goes on.
Created some newsletters with astonishing “HEIGHTS” but with fixed width “600px”.
Last but not the least I sailed with you “Sailor’s” like “Sindabad Jahaji”.

Me @ Sycamore in CSS Format

.team #me
text-align:center; // Didn't got cornered in my team.
color:blue; // Became Sycamorian
background:white; // Got some bright light
padding: 100%; // Space to explore
margin:0 auto; // Margin between senior's and junior's
border: none; // No Border between any team
content:"Everything"; // Got Everything to Learn and Explore
transform: rotateX(360deg); // Changed my life 360 Degrees

Thanks Sycamore for changing my pixelated life to 300ppi Resolution. But now this is the time to try new colors of the multi-million color palette.

Note: Tester’s Please don’t do any regressive testing on my website as “I” am in a development phase.

So now Let’s cut the crap and we will drive into some memory lane :

Taki Boys Sanghatna
Taki Boys Sanghatna
Yes, I witnessed Holi and Diwali Both.
Party Time
I will Miss these people.
And You guy’s will Miss these.

Bye Bye & Thanks All Of You for Everything